Please Check on the News and Events page for latest changes and updates.

10:30 am Prayer Meeting for Local Outreach
11:00 am Breaking of Bread
5:00 – 6:00pm Family Service with activity groups for children

The third Sunday of each month will be a Family Tea and Service.

 2:00 pm  Womens Meeting
8:00 pm Assembly Prayer Meeting unless otherwise announced (see list of meetings below)
Wednesday* *Subject to change
6:00 pm Explore
No Meetings Jan / February
 12:30 – 1:30pm You can meet church representatives in Coventry city centre in Dresden place by the fountain outside the Methodist church most Saturdays in the open air meeting
 7:30pm  Ministry / Report Meetings as announced below
For latest meeting information, please contact us or check in the “News and Events” section
Meetings for 2018  Saturdays 7:30 pm. Weekdays 8:00pm
March 3rd & 4th Mr J. Riddle, Broxbourne
 April 2nd

Easter Monday Conference

Mr R Hill, Bristol. and Mr R. Catchpole, London

3pm and 6pm.

May 12th – 14th Mr K. Rudge, St Austell
  June 9th Mr S. Clegg, Killamarsh
 July 7th Mr I. Rees, Pembroke
September 8th Mr A. Henry, Uxbridge
 October 13th & 14th Mr W. Downs, Stockport.
  November 17th Open Doors Report