Recordings of Meetings (MP3)

This page contains some recordings from ministry (Bible teaching) meetings, including some Easter conferences. They are in MP3 format and should play on any media player that supports the format.


Mr S. Grant – The Beatitudes – 2007
Beatitudes 1 10.5MB Beatitudes 3 – 11.9MB
Beatitudes 2 – 10.7 MB Beatitudes 4 – 10.5 MB
Conference 2010 J Scarsbrook & W. Banks
W Banks Afternoon 11.2MB J Scarsbrook Afternoon – 11.8MB
W Banks Evening 10.3MB J Scarsbrook Evening 13.2MB
Conference 2012 P Young & D. HandsUnfortunately the quality of these recordings is variable, our apologies.
 P Young Afternoon 18MB  D. Hands Afternoon 18MB
 D. Hands Evening 18.5 MB  P. Young Evening 15MB

One comment

  1. Jim Brown says:

    I have always enjoyed listening to Stephen Grant, never heard him teach on the Beatitudes, so it was great to find these recordings on your wed site,
    Thank you for making them available.
    Jim Brown

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